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Published: 10th November 2008
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You've suffered through the break-up, your wife is gone and you are experiencing the reality of waking up alone. You never wanted this to happen in the first place and you would do just about anything to turn it all around. Is there hope at this point for the two of you to experience a healthy and fulfilling relationship once again? The good news is, yes, it is possible to get your wife back, and to have a more satisfying relationship than you did before this ever happened.

The first step is to realize why the separation happened in the first place. More often than not, the break-up wasn't a complete surprise. There were signs along the way, little things that she said or did, that you can bring back to mind now that you have some time to think things over. In your mind, go back to the point where you remember being happy and truly connected. Many times, there was a series of small events that left your frustrated spouse feeling that a break-up was the only answer.

If unfaithfulness was involved, the two of you will probably need counseling, time to heal and to build back your trust again. It is still possible, even if there was infidelity, to regain what has been lost. Hopefully, that is not the reason. Maybe you became distant and didn't take her emotional needs into consideration, became overly involved with work, or friends. There are many turns a relationship can take that lead to the eventual break-up. Once you have thought it through and realized the problem, or problems, you can begin the process of getting your wife back in your arms, this time for good.

First of all, take things slowly. She has been hurt and may still be experiencing bitterness towards you. Your wife may feel that the separation is completely your fault. Patience and understanding will go a long way here. Call to let her know that you want to see her, but don't beg. Give her time to come around if she is not responsive at first. Once she has a chance to sort out her feelings, she will contact you and the two of you can start from that point.

Let your wife know that you are willing to take your share of the responsibility for the break-up and that your desire is to make things right. By taking a proactive role, you are showing her that you desire to take care of her and give her a sense of security in the relationship. The need to feel safe and secure is part of every woman's make up. When she feels that you are fulfilling this need, she will naturally let her defenses and bitterness go and open up to you. This will allow the two of you to work through the differences that eventually led to the break-up. She will share her feelings with you if she knows you are genuinely interested.

Once you have reached this point, you are well on your way to getting your wife back. Break-ups aren't always forever. Some can be used as a learning experience and a wakeup call to get you both back on the right path.

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