How Not To Push Your Ex Further Away – Understanding This Principle

Published: 21st January 2009
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Breaking up with your ex can be an extremely emotional heartbreaking experience especially when you are still very much in love with your ex. Perhaps, you still want to win your ex back and might even have taken a lot of actions.

But somehow, all the actions seem to push your ex further and further away instead. So, what can you do so that you will not risk pushing your ex away?

Well, it might be extremely useful to understand this principle and apply it in your relationship. And that is "People want what they do not have."

This is a very simple principle which means if people cannot have something easily, they will tend to want it more or they don't want to give it up. And the reverse seems even truer.

If people can have something easily, they will tend to take it for granted. In fact, if you push the things to them, they will resist and push it away.

This is the reason why certain actions that you do will only tend to push your ex further and further away. For example, if you try to call your ex over and over again, send too many text messages or email, you are unknowingly violating the principle mentioned above.

You are in fact pushing yourself towards your ex, which is why your ex is putting up resistance. On the contrary, you want to apply the principle to your advantage. You want to let your ex know that you are not someone who is easy to get.

One good way is to improve yourself. You want to let your ex knows that you can lead a great life and enjoy it with or without your ex. Who knows your ex might see the positive changes in you and want to get back together again.
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