How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Secret To Train Him To Treat You Nicely

Published: 10th November 2008
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If you have already broken up with your ex boyfriend but still love him very much, you will probably be wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back. Well, in order to win him back, it will be very helpful for you if you understand how men behave and how to train them to treat you nicely.

The fact is, many women tend to make certain mistakes, that only train their men to treat them shabbily. But once you understand this concept, your will be able to make your men treat you better.

Let's go through an example for a much clearer illustration. Say Peter has promised to call Sally tonight. However, Peter did not keep his promise. Well, there are probably various reasons why that can happen. Maybe Peter is busy. Or maybe Peter has simply forgotten to call.

Instead, Peter decided to call Sally the next morning. So, how did Sally react? Well, obviously, she is not very happy about it. Well, even if Sally didn't openly express her unhappiness, Peter can easily sense her unhappiness through the tone of her voice.

Now, what you do you think Peter will feel? Well, Peter will simply associate in his mind that calling Sally is an unpleasant experience. When this happens a couple of time, Peter will start to dread calling Sally because every time he calls Sally, he will experience some unhappiness. He will remember how Sally expressed her unhappiness.

Well, obviously, this is not very helpful in training your man to treat you better. It will only train your man to treat you worse. So, what is the secret behind training your man to treat you better?

It is very simple. Just try to acknowledge every little nice thing he does for you. For example, if he promised to do something for you and he indeed fulfill his promise, complement him.

You can say, "Peter, thank you for your help. Every time you promised me you will do something, you really go and do it." Can you see the effect here? Well, Peter will obviously be very happy with your complement. And you are telling Peter that your image of him is someone who keeps his promise. And Peter will work even harder to maintain that image of being someone who keeps his promise.

So, don't you think it is a great way to train your man to treat you nicely?

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